Archive for 7月, 2014

NISTEP created a database on resource allocation (budget on science and technology) and important activities (thousands articles from white paper on science and technology) in FY2011-12, in which data was collected in the past decades. The database aims at organizing and overviewing data on science, technology and innovation (STI). In the study, NISTEP held a workshop with policy makers and policy researchers on STI policy to discuss issues on organization and utilization of policy data, including the NISTEP’s database. We gained some insights from the discussion such as the necessity for future policy formulation to research policy context in the past, data sets composed both of published fact data, data explanation from the standpoint of policy makers. As another theme, we surveyed existing databases on STI policy, such as government’s budget on science and technology and governmental activities, both within and outside Japan. We put some databases together in the report, from the Japan’s ministries, the international organizations (OECD, EU), the US institutes (OSTP, AAAS), the UK institutes and so on.