There is growing public expectation that S&T and innovation can respond to various economic and social changes and provide solutions to social problems. Thus, policies in this area must be formulated based on processes that are highly rational and transparent as well as based on objective evidence. Given this, NISTEP is pursuing surveys and research as well as developing data-infrastructure that can contribute to these policies.

The United States, European nations, and other countries are currently promoting research to scientifically analyze the mechanisms of S&T and innovation and taking actions to build data-infrastructure that will be based on their policymaking. For its part, Japan currently advocates “science of science, technology and innovation policy” as a new field that will provide a foundation for a transition from conventional S&T policy to STI policy that encompasses other related policies.

Japan’s Fourth Science and Technology Basic Plan (FY2011 to 2015) states the following: “The Japanese government promotes ‘Science of Science, Technology and Innovation policy’ to formulate the objective evidence-based policy, and to reflect the outcomes of evaluation and examination of policies into the next policy-formation. To that end, the government asks broader participations of researchers in social sciences as well as ones in natural sciences, and through these efforts, the government fosters human resources who engage in formation of policies.”

Against this background, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) launched the “Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy” program in FY2011 to realize “evidence-based policy formulation” that will create effective policies for addressing pertinent issues based on analysis and full understanding of economic and social circumstances from multifaceted perspectives.

NISTEP is in charge of promoting “Mission-oriented investigation and research” and development of “data-infrastructure”. NISTEP has set up an “advisory committee for them to benefit from the advice of researchers and experts possessing specialized knowledge as it undertakes these responsibilities.

Surveys and Research


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