In today’s world, in which science and technology deeply permeate all areas of society, it is impossible to engage in economic activity that is not somehow linked to S&T. And as social problems such as energy and environmental issues become increasingly conspicuous, each and every citizen must come to see society’s problems as his or her own problems and consider and execute appropriate responses to them. On the other hand, the government authorities who promote S&T policy must accurately grasp the public’s demands and expectations for S&T and execute policies that have the public’s understanding, support, and trust.

Against this backdrop, NISTEP conducts surveys and research designed to reinforce the relationship between S&T and society. Among other approaches, this effort involves regular monitoring of public attitudes of S&T. At the same time, NISTEP pursues surveys and research on strategies for returning the fruits of S&T to society.

Surveys and research

Surveys and research on public attitudes regarding science and technology

For Japan, which seeks to establish itself as a nation based on creativity of science and technology, it will be necessary to encourage as many citizens as possible to cultivate strong interest in and deeper understanding of S&T. Surveys to ascertain the public’s attitudes vis-à-vis S&T include a “Public Opinion Survey on Science and Technology” that the Cabinet Office (including the former Prime Minister’s Office) has conducted every few years since 1960. NISTEP also conducted surveys (interview surveys) on public attitudes to S&T . And since 2007 it has been conducting S&T attitude surveys via the Internet.

Surveys and research on activation of science and technology communication

NISTEP conducts surveys and research on efforts to activate S&T communication.

Other surveys and research on challenges facing S&T and society

Ensuring that S&T contributes to the realization of a safe, secure, and more affluent society will require the production of outstanding research achievements from high-quality research activities, and the establishment of processes capable of translating such achievements into benefits for society. For this reason, NISTEP conducts surveys and research on strategies for promoting responsible research activity and for returning S&T achievements to society.

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