Data and Information Infrastructure

Systematic data-infrastructure is an effective means for realizing evidence-based STI policy. Since 2011, NISTEP has been developing data-infrastructure as part of MEXT’s “Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy” program. Such infrastructure is not just essential as a foundation for enhancing the policy research that supports policymaking; it is also a direct source of evidence for policy formulation. It is also expected to be useful as a tool for raising the quality of policy discussion.

Data supply

NISTEP makes information that is useful in formulating STI policy widely available to the public. (However, it should be noted that use of some forms of data is restricted to specific persons due to legal restrictions or other considerations.)

NISTEP Dictionary of Names of Universities and Public Organizations

NISTEP issues a comprehensive “organization name dictionary” for use in systematic, organization-level analyses of Japan as a whole based on the data of scientific publications as well as statistical data.

  • About the NISTEP Dictionary of Names of Universities and Public Organizations (coming soon)
  • Data of the NISTEP Dictionary of Names of Universities and Public Organizations (coming soon)
NISTEP Dictionary of Corporate Names

Using patent data as well as statistical data, NISTEP is developing “dictionary of corporate names” for use in company-level analyses of Japan’s industries.

  • (Scheduled for release in the near future)

Visualization and interactive use of data

NISTEP promotes the visualization and interactive use of data in order to encourage data use from various perspectives. NISTEP plans to further expand its efforts in this area in the future.

2012 International Conference on Data-Infrastructure (Conference Report)

NISTEP hosted an “International Conference on Building data infrastructure for S&T innovation policy” on February 28, 2012. Experts and others developing large-scale data-infrastructure in various countries and international organizations were invited and presented their activities. Discussions and comparisons of these reports produced practical insights in this field and helped formulate concepts for future initiatives.

PESTI Project Data

The raw data and infographics of the results of opinion poll on science, technology and innovation policy

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