The Library archives and makes available to the public the results of the various NISTEP surveys and research. Reports and other materials in the Library’s collection can be searched by title, subject, author’s name and body text.


NISTEP Reports organize and present the results of policy drafs, survey analyses, data analyses, and other activities. They are issued as a means of making policy-making related inquiries to the general public under the NISTEP name. Major features include follow-up surveys and research concerning the Basic Plans for Science and Technology.


Policy Studies present the results of research, survey analyses, and other endeavors. Some studies summarize tentative policy drafts, while others are theoretical or systematic presentations of new concepts and methodologies in policy analysis and formulation.

Research Material

Research Materials bring together the results of research, survey analyses, and other undertakings. They present various outcomes of survey and research, including science and technology indicators.


Discussion Papers present the results of research, survey analyses, and other works. Presentation of these results,seek to further develop surveys and research by inviting the opinions of outside specialists.

Review Report

Review Reports area collection of presentations made at the “Science and Technology Policy Study Review Seminars.” These seminars are held to comprehensively review and announce major survey and research achievements concerning science and technology policy.

S&T Trends

“Science and Technology Trends” is a publication issued by the Science and Technology Foresight Center every other month. It brings together important points concerning STI policies, information on leading problem resolution-oriented S&T trends, and other matters for broad dissemination in Japan and abroad.

Annual Report

Annual Reports review activities undertaken throughout NISTEP’s organization. They include summaries and results of surveys and research as well as descriptions of international exchanges, publicity activities, and events. They are published each year.

NISTEP Newsletter

The NISTEP E-Mail Newsletter has been began in February 2011 to provide timely information on NISTEP activities to a broad range of people. The email newsletter provides up-to-date details concerning presented research results, symposiums, and other matters.
It should be noted that the NISTEP E-Mail Newsletter’s predecessor, “NISTEP News,” was discontinued in February 2011 when the newsletter’s first issue was released. However, back issues of NISTEP News are still available for viewing.
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