Survey on Research Activities of Private Corporations

Survey outline

Survey objectives

To contribute to the formulation and promotion of S&T policy by gathering basic data on the R&D activities of private companies

Survey targets

Of those companies responding to MIC’s Survey of Research and Development that conduct in-house R&D, the survey targets those that have at least 100 million yen in capital. It should be noted that, until the FY2007 survey, the survey targeted said companies having at least 1 billion yen in capital; however, this condition was lowered to 100 million yen in FY2008.

Survey items

The survey gathers the following information as basic data for analyzing the ways in which S&T policy influence the R&D activities of private companies:

  1. Data concerning directions of R&D in private companies and related strategic and organizational changes in those companies
  2. Data concerning use of measures and systems connected with S&T promotion
  3. Data concerning items in R&D activities by private companies that require urgent ascertainment

Survey period

The survey has been conducted almost every year since FY1968. Until FY2007, the survey was conducted by MEXT. It has been conducted by NISTEP since FY2008.

Survey method

The survey uses questionnaires that are sent and received by post. However, online responses have also been accepted beginning with the FY2009 survey

Survey results

List of statistical tables (*Link to the Portal Site of Official Statistics of Japan [e-Stat])

Notes on using the tables

The following symbols are used in the tables.

  • “-” indicates a value that is unavailable
  • “0.0” indicates a value that falls below the designated unit
  • “…” indicates a value whose incidence cannot be rationally explained or was unrelated to the survey’s targets

Scheduled announcements

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