Japanese National Innovation Survey


The Japanese National Innovation Survey (J-NIS) investigates the state and trend of innovation activities in Japanese private enterprises. The survey results can be used as basic data for analysis, planning, execution, and monitoring of science, technology, and innovation policies.

Legal Basis

The J-NIS is one of the General Statistical Surveys pursuant to the Statistical Act (Act No.53 of 2007).

Sectoral Coverage, Frame Population, and Statistical Unit

The J-NIS surveys enterprises with 10 or more persons employed in almost all economic activities. Its statistical unit is the legal entity in which an enterprise has no other companies in the enterprise’s group, such as subsidiaries and affiliations. The enterprise’s form is any one of the following: stock company, general partnership company, limited partnership company, limited liability company, or mutual company.

Survey Date

FY 2002 (Jan 2003), FY 2009 (July 2009), FY 2012 (Jan 2013), FY 2015 (Oct 2015), and FY 2018(Nov 2018).

Survey Instruments

Questionnaires are mailed to sample respondents. The filled-out questionnaires are returned by mail or internet.

Questionnaire and Other Materials

J-NIS 2018

J-NIS 2015

Reports (in Japanese)

Statistical Tables

List of statistical tables
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Notes on Using the Tables

Please see the details in the reports.


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Please see the details in the questionnaires and other materials.


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