The result of Survey on Research Activities of Private Corporations (2012)

National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) has annually conducted the
Survey on Research Activities of Private Corporations in Japan since FY1968. The FY2012 survey mainly
focuses on the following five topics; (i) the trend of R&D expenses and staffs, (ii) patenting activities
(including the management of trade secret), (iii) innovation process (from the viewpoint of the introduction
of new products or services), (iv) cooperation with other organizations, and (v) influence of the Great East
Japan Earthquake. The 1,434 corporations, out of 3,287objects, responded to the survey.
As a result, the input and output of R&D activities within the corporation showed a downward
trend, and both R&D expenses to the outside and patent applications showed an upward trend. In the core
product and the service field, about 42% corporations achieved radical new products and services, and
about 22% corporations achieved radical new processes. Moreover, about 54% corporations did not employ
R&D staff in FY2011. As for the rate of cooperation with the external other organizations, cooperation
with the university is highest with about 64%. About the influence given to R&D activity of the Great East
Japan Earthquake, the results showed that R&D activities have not been changed in the about 77%