The result of Survey on the Collaboration between Local Companies and National University in Chukyo Area (Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture and Mie Prefecture)

Building a mechanism of science and technology innovation activities in a region is required, which is to make use of the strengths and characteristics of regions and can be deployed autonomously. Therefore, universities are expected to work with such local companies as a member of the local community, and to contribute to the construction of a regional innovation system. Then, in order to clarify the achievements and issues of the industry academic collaboration in region, the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy(NISTEP) conducted research on industry-academia collaboration to target the manufacturing industry in Kagoshima Prefecture as a case study in fiscal year 2011 (Sotohebo-Nakatake 2012). In 2012 we conducted a questionnaire 2 survey by mail to target the 2900manufacturing companies to put headquarters, factories, and offices in Chukyo area which includes Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture and Mie Prefecture, and the survey was obtained valid responses of 694companies (23.9% response rate).Chukyo area is the leading industry agglomerations of manufacturing industry of Japan, in which companies has positively conducted development of new products and technologies. And these companies are willing to do industry-academia collaboration mainly in Aichi Prefecture. There are not only varieties of public universities but also a lot of private universities in Chukyo area, thus local resources are also plentiful. In order to activate more industry-academia collaboration in the future, the universities and national technology collages should establish their own specialties. Moreover, instead of restricted their industry-academia collaboration activities within the prefectural area, it should be necessary to mutually lending resources each other in Chukyo area.