The result of Knowledge Creation and Innovation by Univeristy-Industry Collaboration: Basic findings from the large-scale survey of academic and corporate researchers

This report summarizes the results of Japan’s first large-scale survey (responses from 743 university and 704 corporate researchers, covering patent applications from 2004 to 2007) of co-inventors from national universities and corporations engaged in university-industry collaborative research projects. The report comprises the following chapters: survey overview; survey respondent attributes; project formation and basic structure; motivations and opportunities of project creation; project management; project inputs (personnel and funding); and project results and spillover effects, etc. The study obtained the following basic important findings:
1) university-industry collaborative project as bridge builders;
2) needs and sources of seeds for university-industry partnerships;
3)diversity in research sources utilized in project;
4) the importance of domestic sources of knowledge in the project and the importance of university-industry partnership toward domestic industry;
5) characteristics of researchers participating in university-industry collaborative project;
6) characteristics of application for university-industry co-inventions;
7) university-industry partner matching;
8) management integration in university-industry collaborative project;
9) project inputs (personnel and funding);
10) relationship between sources of funding for pre-research and university-industry collaborative project;
11) university-industry collaborative project results and commercialization;
12) results in improving research capabilities in university-industry collaborative project and frequency of follow-up research;
13) achievement level of initial goals through project execution.