Research on the Public Understanding of Science and Technology

2nd Policy-Oriented Research Group

Overview of research activities

Needless to say, our country should have as many of our people as possible enhance their understanding of science and technology (S&T), because we seek to become a nation built upon S&T creation. Even though everyone reaps the benefits of S&T , if many people believe that they need not have interest in or knowledge of S&T , improvement of social infrastructure is unlikely.

Along with grasping the level of national S&T literacy, the 2nd Policy-Oriented Research Group is exploring measures to enhance the level of interest and understanding of S&T by activating science communication. The following figure schematizes the measures to activate science communication and their effects. We are convinced that if the level of public interest, awareness and understanding of S&T is enhanced, people will be able to enjoy a more healthy and affluent life, and also that the S&T level of the whole country will be advanced.

Conceptual figure of the spread of science and technology communication

Conceptual figure of the spread of science and technology communication
Provision of various science and technology communication opportunities will change the awareness of people not currently interested in science and technology. At the same time, the convective flow of information and knowledge will improve science and technology literacy in society as a whole. It is expected that science and technology get more support from society and national with the interaction.