The result of Economic and Environmental Impact Analysis for Construction of Renewable Energy Power Plants by Extended Input-Output Table

In order to provide evidence for science, technology and innovation policy, this study aims to make a
method for quantitative analysis of economic and social impacts caused by government investment in
science and technology. This paper discusses a method to estimate economic and environmental impacts of
new industries in the future created by science and technology innovation. We have taken up renewable
energy that is expected as a new growing industry in the future, then estimated direct and indirect effects of
output, employment, energy consumption and CO2 emission in terms of the construction of renewable
energy power plants by input-output analysis. The estimated results show that the indirect effect of
employment is smaller than the direct effect. Meanwhile, the indirect effects of energy consumption and
CO2 emission are larger than the direct effects. Analysis on every industrial sector identified influential
sectors for direct and indirect effects, which suggest the research and development for reducing costs,
energy consumption and CO2 emission in power plant construction. Furthermore, comprehensive analysis
on economic and environmental impacts suggests ways of research and development for power plant
construction to reduce the costs, energy consumption and CO2 emission with attention of domestic